Varieties available this year
Tomato Varieties 2013
Cherry Tomatoes: Sungold,Super Sweet 100,Sweet Gold,Bi-Color Cherry, White Cherry, Peacevine Cherry,Green Grape,Sungold, Blondkopfchen, Goldrush Currant,Hartman's Gooseberry,Yellow Pear Shape,Red Cherry,Red Grape,Green Doctor's, Orange and Green Zebra, Galo de Melon,Snow Fairy,Chaddwick Cherry,Topaz Cherry,Black Vernissage- and Green,Pink and Yellow as well,
Cherry Cascade,Pomadoro Red Cherry,Juliet Hybrid,Yellow Marble,Vilolet Jasper, Isis Candy Cherry,Pink Ping Pong,Black Cherry, Sebastopol, Brown Berry, OUS Purple, Sundrop,Sweetie, Angora Super Sweet,Sungella,Lime Salad.
Round Tomatoes:Moskovich,Tigerella,Dona,Caspian Pink,Mr.Stripey,Tom's Bottom Yellow,Jaune Flamme,Julia Child,Lillian's Yellow,Red Star, Costralee, Brandywines -4 colors,Costoluto Genovese, Chianti Rose,Greek Rose, Vintage Wine, Paul Robeson,Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red,
Early Girl Hybrid, Early Annie,Sunset's Red Horizon,Marianna's Peace,Chocolate Stripes,Ace 55,Santa Clara Canner,Solar Flair, Jitomate Salate,Dr.Wyche's Yellow, Berkeley Tie-Dye,Kiwi, Green Moldovian,Portuguise Monster,Cherokee Purple,Hawaiian Pineapple,Barnes Mountain Yellow and many more!!!!
Pepper Varieities 2013
Sweet Italian Pepper,Green Bell Pepper,California Bell,Cayenne,Jalapeno Sierra Fueggo, New Mex Joe Parker,Ancho San Luis, Anaheim,
Baby Bell yellow and red,Johnny Hybrid,Corno di Toro Red,Shishito,Sweet Red Stuffing, Red Bulgian, Red Cheese,Quadrato D'Asti Giallo, Purple Beauty,Patio Red Marconi,Friarello Di Napoli,Corno di Toro- Giallo & Rosso,Jimmy Nardello Italian, Odessa Market, Lipstick, Orange Bell, Pasilla Bajio,Lemon Drop
Hot-Thai ,Padron,Chocolate Habanero,Goat Horn,Korean Dark Green,Corne de Chevre, Tequila Sunrise, Thai Chilies,Padron, Anaheim Chili, Red Demon,Cheery Bomb, Rocotillo